A mix of air transport and airlines vintage travel labels

Step back in time with our remarkable collection of 48 airline vintage stickers, offering a panoramic view of the golden age of air travel. This Portable Document Format (PDF) collage is an expansive celebration of the airlines that paved the world’s airways, each label a memento of a time when flying was as much about the experience as the destination.

Each label is a work of art, showcasing the airlines’ distinctive branding and the exotic appeal of air travel. From the classic red and white TWA globe to the distinctive blue and yellow of Pan Am, these vintage stickers adorned travellers’ luggage, signifying the prestige and thrill of adventure that awaited them in the skies.

Airlines such as Air France and Lufthansa are represented by timeless logos that have become synonymous with international travel and global connectivity. The luggage tags of lesser-known companies, such as the whimsical Wyoming Air Service or the exotic Air Atlas of Morocco, hint at the range of choices once available to adventurous souls.

The vintage labels of airlines such as KLM and Swiss Air evoke the spirit of European travel, while those of TWA and American Airlines illustrate the booming industry of American air travel. Far-flung airlines such as Hong Kong Airways Ltd. and LARES of Romania reveal the truly global nature of air travel, connecting distant continents with the promise of new horizons.

At a time when air travel was still a novelty, these travel stickers for suitcase were more than just practical; they were badges of honour for those who could afford to see the world from above. They transformed ordinary pieces of luggage into canvases, telling vivid stories of where you had been, the airlines you had flown and the breadth of your travels.

For the modern collector, aviation enthusiast or anyone with an appreciation of the bygone days of elegant travel, this PDF collage of antique steamer trunk stickers is a treasure trove. It’s a passport to an era when air travel was a glamorous endeavour, each label a chapter in the history of human exploration.


The PDF downloads are crafted from digitally enhanced quality images from original vintage luggage labels. Files can be saved to your PC or MAC and then used over and over again. Each labels on the sheet measures 2 1/2″.

These digital sheets are formatted to print on Avery® White High-Visibility Labels for Laser Printers 5294, 2-1/2″ which can easily be purchased online. When used with self adhesive printer paper, these labels can be printed and pasted on many surfaces like books, laptop, boxes, pieces of luggage and much more.

You can alternatively print our PDF files on any A4 paper your printer allows, like for instance a full A4 sheet sticker and cut them off individually by using a round 2.5″ glass or shape, and a cutter. You might also want to use a stickier paper if you want to paste the labels on your suitcase, as the Avery labels are easier to peal-off over time. Keep in mind that after printing, leave the labels to dry before using, as the ink could rubs off if you use them immediately.

The image preview on the page is a low resolution jpg and is not suitable for printing. The copy that you receive will be in a high resolution PDF format.


If you want to test print our labels before purchasing them, you can download and print our free “12 Vintage Travel Stickers: World Mix” pdf collage. If you are happy with the results, you can securely proceed with purchasing more labels, as they all have the same printing template. Due to the nature of our downloadable files, they may not be returned for credit. No refunds on digital downloads. For that reason, please contact us with any questions you may have prior to the purchase.


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