How To Print Your Labels

Our labels are formatted to print on Avery® White High-Visibility Labels for Laser Printers 5294, 2-1/2″ which can easily be purchased online. When used with self adhesive printer paper, these labels can be printed and pasted on many surfaces like books, laptop, boxes, pieces of luggage and much more.

You can alternatively print our PDF files on any A4 paper your printer allows, like for instance a full A4 sheet sticker and cut them off individually by using a round 2.5″ glass or shape, and a cutter. You might also want to use a stickier paper if you want to paste the labels on your suitcase, as the Avery labels are easier to peal-off over time. Keep in mind that after printing, leave the labels to dry before using, as the ink could rubs off if you use them immediately.

How do I get the printing to align properly on the page?

Be sure you are using a genuine Avery product – non-Avery products are not optimized for our templates, and are not manufactured to our specifications.

1. Test print. Print first on a sheet of plain paper to determine which direction to feed in your printer and to check your design and alignment.

2. Fit to Page. Make sure that “Fit to Page” is not checked before printing your PDF. If “Fit to Page” is checked, your project will shrink and not print accurately.

3. Printer settings. When you click Print, look in the Properties options in the print dialog box. Adjust Paper Type to “Labels” and Print Quality to “Best”. If your printer doesn’t have a “Labels” setting, choose “Heavyweight” or “Cardstock”. If you don’t see these options, you may need to click Print Using System Dialog. If you have questions about your printer settings, visit your printer manufacturer’s website for directions.

4. Manual feed. Use the manual feed in you printer tray for the best alignment results.

5. Feed once. Don’t re-print on the same sheet of labels.

How do I insert my product into the printer so it prints on the correct side?

To make sure your project prints on the correct side of your Avery products, we recommend always running a test page first.

Look for an icon on your printer feed tray that displays whether you should place the sheet face up or face down. Also, make sure to feed your products through the printer’s manual feed tray. (When you click Print, most printers give you an option to choose the manual feed tray, as well as the ability to print on labels instead of plain paper.)

If you need more information, click Help in the printer dialog box or visit your printer manufacturer’s website.

How do I keep the ink from smearing on my labels?

To keep ink from smearing on your labels, be sure to always use Avery inkjet products with inkjet printers and Avery laser products with laser printers. Some of our glossy products require a minute or two for the ink to dry, so please wait before touching the print.

Why do the colors on my printed products look different than the image on my computer screen?

Colors on your computer can appear differently than on actual printed products. Most computer screens (RGB) are not optimized to mimic color printing. If exact color matching is required for your product, we recommend using our Avery WePrint professional printing service where you can order a press proof. Electronic proofs should only be used when exact color matching is not required. See our WePrint Proof Guidelines for more details