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Vintralab is a digital image repository supplying downloads of original vintage luggage labels in a downloadable digital sheet (Portable Document Format – PDF), for you to print at home.

Purchase of the downloadable digital file entitles the buyer to personal use of the file for crafts and artwork creations (non-commercial use).

Purchase of the downloadable digital file DOES NOT entitle the buyer to mass-reproduce this file for resale or redistribution to others.

Using our pdf to create your own CDs, Digital Collage Sheets or other Digital Product for resell is prohibited.

Our downloadable digital file may not be traded or put up as freebies on websites or swaps.

Please do not publicly share the links for the downloads.

If you have any questions regarding terms of use or anything else regarding our downloadable digital file, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.


After checkout, you will be redirected to the “Purchase Confirmation” page from which you will be able to download your file. Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed (or immediately after you click “check out” for the free downloads). If you paid with PayPal, confirmation may take a few minutes. You will also receive by email a “Purchase Receipt” containing a direct download link, so you can download your file as many times as you wish.

Our files are Portable Document Format (PDF), an open standard for electronic document exchange. If you don’t have Adobe PDF installed on your computer, you can download it here for free.


Due to the nature of our downloadable files, they may not be returned for credit. No refunds on digital downloads. For that reason, please contact us with any questions you may have prior to the purchase.

If you want to test print our labels before purchasing them, you can download and print our free “12 Vintage Travel Stickers: World Mix” pdf collage. If you are happy with the results, you can securely proceed with purchasing more labels, as they all have the same printing template.

When you purchase a downloadable files from us, you will receive a high resolution digital file in pdf format.

Each label contained in the pdf format, has three times the minimum size needed to print satisfactorily on a 2.5″ label, which should provide the best results possible in the final print.

We will not issue a refund for the excuse that the file you received contains low resolution and pixelated images. We would not sell this type of product and jeopardize our reputation and our customer satisfaction.


Download the image to your computer rather than printing from the attachment online (which can make the image huge). Make sure your printer settings are set to use color, the high quality photo option and select the correct paper you are using – Not selecting the paper quality can ruin your printed image.

Check your margins and adjust them so the image is not cut off. If the printed results are not aligned, it may be necessary to adjust your printer or to calibrate the print for a specific printer. In case adjusting your printer still does not provide satisfying results, we invite you to get in touch with us so we can explain you the steps to follow in order to calibrate the print. Don’t worry, this process is pretty straightforward.

After printing, leave the labels to dry before using. The ink could rubs off them if you use them immediately after printing.

Our digital sheets are formatted to print on Avery┬« White High-Visibility Labels for Laser Printers 5294, 2-1/2″ which can easily be purchased online – ref.: L7630-25 (Europe), 5294 (US, Canada), L7630 (Australia). You can purchase it online by selecting the following country that applies: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain. If your country is not in the list, pick the nearest country of this list or Amazon US. This kind of items generally ship worldwide.

You can alternatively print our pdf files on any A4 paper your printer allows, like for instance a full A4 sheet sticker and cut them off individually by using a round 2.5″ glass or shape, and a cutter. You might also want to use a stickier paper if you want to paste the labels on your suitcase, as the Avery labels are easier to peal-off over time.

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